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Our free adult app is simple to use. There are no personality tests, you just need an email and username. We do request that you maintain the privacy of your encounters, however. We have a reputation for discreet hookups, we intend to keep it.

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When we started Free Adult Dating in 2012, we did so as a reaction to all the scammy 'free dating sites' that blindsided users with upgrades. People would sign up, find a sexy profile, but not be able to send a message. We changed that. And we grew leaps and bounds. Yes, while our site was a little slow two years ago due to massive growth, today, our interface is faster than ever. Free Adult Dating means hookups on your app or website at lightning speed.

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A Free Adult Dating Starter Kit (New User Guide To Hookup Success)

You'll need to understand the mechanics of our simple algorithm. The algorithm, while not intended to "match" you, is used to display singles in a certain order. Here's how that works.

Being Active Means More Views

Let's cut to the chase - Free Adult Dating's bread and butter is tons of active users. If you fall off the map and stop logging in or responding to messages, we stop showing your profile in search results as high. We want to prevent others from reviewing our site in the same way that other dating sites are reviewed. We aim to please, and showing the most active users at the top is how we earn our rep as the top meet and fuck app online.

The good news for you is that your local sexy girls search results are ripe with active girls pursuing a fling. The benefit works both ways.

Our Free Adult Dating app utilizes porprietary hookup technology.

PLEASE NOTE: Rejecting opportunities for hookups does not lower your profile's active status. But it is best that you reply and let the person know you aren't interested. This prevents that person from considering you as a potential discreet fuck (and, it's common courtesy!) - Our app rewards common courtesy!

Need more reasons? We get it. Here’s several more reasons to add yourself to our hookup community.

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Leave the feeling of cellar lonelyness behind. Times are about to change. No matter how down on yourself you are, there's someone out there who wants to fuck you.

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Once you decide you're ready for change, the signup process is nearly instantaneuous.

The dramas end, the direct conversations about what you and her really want begin. Don't hide behind fake personas, be you and be bold. Check out these useful tips for hookup success.

1. Trust The Journey

Things probably seem insurmountable right now. You've been put through the dating site washing machines. Lots of crappy "coffee dates" with girls who aren't who they said they were. Lot's of emails that led you on, but failed to live up. Girls just using your messages to tick off their boyfriends. No fucking, just BS dramas.

By trusting our Free Adult Dating process, you own a new horizon full of hookups.

Never fear rejection or dramas again. Our dating sex cams site makes sure everyone is down to fuck. No hookup app is perfect, but we are a lot better than the rest.

2. Try To Respond To Messages

If a single girl winks at you and you aren't interested, it's OK to take a pass. But if a girl writes you a long message, respond. Not only is it a nice thing to do, but it helps our algorithm understand that you are active and in pursuit of a sexual encounter. Plus, it helps the girl understand you aren't interested so she can find the right man for her needs.

Free Adult Dating app success relies on active singles. We strive to keep our top Internet ranking.

When you first join, you'll be a fresh face in your local swinger hookup scene. Lot's of girls may want to be the first to conquer you. So you'll likely be flooded with messages. Stay cool under pressure and enjoy the ride (literally and figuratively)

3. Sexting Works, But Be Cautious

Our app's technology makes sure none of your messages are tracked. If you move to your own phone, all bets are off the table. We don't discourage anyone from moving communications to their personal devices, in fact, we celebrate the hookup success. We just want to make sure all users understand the potential risks.

4. Always Be Safe.

I wish we were perfect, but with 1,000's upon 1,000's of active users, we do have our occassional issues. Our compliance department is always hot on the trail of the latest scams. But it's up to you to use common sense.

Never send money to someone you just met no matter what their story may be.

If a girl is selling you something, avoid and report her.

Girls who never seem to want to 'close the deal' for a hookup are not worth your time, so block them.

All girls who join our app understand this is a hookup experience.

Don't join new apps or move to texting too fast. You can completely hookup by way of our discreet technology.

5. Understand When It's Time To Meet/Text/Talk

You can keep all messages on the app and still meet at a motel.

We recommend that you hookup at least one time before giving out your real number.

This means she has 'skin in the game' making her more trustworthy.

You're going to meet a lot of girls, so it's best to have your wits about you.

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Want to vastly improve your odds at Free Adult Dating hookup success? Check out some of our tips and tricks based on real user experiences.

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